Sunday, May 11, 2014

How about a rain barrel or compost bin?

If you live in Westchester, you can purchase a reduced-cost rain barrel and/or compost bin.   Just reserve them by Thursday May 15 for pick up on Sunday May 18 at Croton Point Park.   Click here for more information. 

Compost bins and rain barrels offer so many benefits – from saving you money to lowering your greenhouse gas emissions!  

Composting your kitchen and yard waste allows you to decreases the amount of waste you send to the landfill and also decrease the fuel needed to transport your waste.   It's also is great for your garden!

Rain barrels let you collect the rainwater that falls on your roof and other impervious surfaces.  Not only does collecting this rainwater help prevent surface runoff and erosion, but it also provides you with a free source of rain water for irrigation and other needs.  Rainwater is free of added chlorine and fluoride, so it’s great to use on your garden. 

Two of my seven compost bins.  The milk container on top was
repurposed as a collection bin for compost scraps in the kitchen

I add new vegetable scraps on top, and then cover  them
with shredded leaves (kept in the second compost bin).

I’ve had a compost bin or pile in just about every place I’ve lived.  I’ve been curious about rain barrels for a while, but I've never had one.  What about you?

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