Saturday, June 20, 2015

VegOut! Outsmarting deer, groundhogs and other wildlife

This summer I am excited to have the chance to write several articles for the “grow it” column of Bedford 2020’s VegOut! newsletter. 

Bedford 2020’s aim is to reduce the town’s carbon emissions 20% by the year 2020. 

The “grow it” column of VegOut! helps you grow your own food – you can’t get more local than growing your own.  Growing our own food not only eliminates any carbon emissions that would have been produced by schlepping food in from another part of the country, it also enables us to have easy access to fresh, nutritious food and connects us to the land and the cycles of nature.  

The amazing thing is that when Bedford 2020 first came into existence, it was a time of ever-increasing carbon footprints, and the idea of formally committing to reduce the carbon footprint of a whole town by 20% was ambitious.  Now, a few years later, it has become common to hear of individuals, apartment buildings, companies, communities and localities all around the globe reducing their carbon footprints, so much so that carbon-emission reduction has almost become mainstream!  I find it incredible how quickly this shift has occurred, and how much we are changing in the ways we live sustainably.  The good news is that in just four years, Bedford 2020 is already 79% of the way towards its goal.  (79% of 20% = almost 16% reduction so far.)

For my first VegOut! article, I chose to continue my series of blog posts about gardening with deer, groundhogs, and other wildlife, by offering more tips about how to enjoy your garden’s harvests before the deer, groundhogs, rabbits, chipmunks and birds have a chance. 

Read my VegOut! article here:  Outsmarting deer, groundhogs and other wildlife

Has your community committed to reducing its carbon emissions?  Do you have any tips for gardening with deer, groundhogs and other wildlife?  Please share!

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